Trigeminal neuralgia is a very difficult condition to tolerate, characterized by extremely painful attacks. Selective trigeminal neurolysis with fluoroscopy practiced at the Ugo Delfino Medical Studio is a safe and effective procedure for treating the symptoms of trigeminal nerve inflammation.
So what do people say about the surgery at the Ugo Delfino Medical Studio?

“I had trigeminal neuralgia for three years. I was operated on in Vicenza in September 2014 using the Gamma Knife method, but without any benefit. Then I had cortisone, Topamax, Lyrica, Gabapentin and Tolep. The procedure in Turin on 13/5/2015 has put an end to my suffering and now I have great health”

Monza Dina – operata il 13/05/2015 – Tel. 349 5118431

“I had suffered enough. The procedure by Prof.Ugo Delfino in Turin has given me confidence in the capability of doctors.”

Carnaghi Roberta, Torino – operata il 26/03/2015 – Tel. 334 3017543

“From 2004, I had violent attacks in the three areas of the trigeminal nerve. I was taking 1400 mg of Oxcarbamazepine per day, then 2400 mg. In 2011, I had the first surgery with an occipital craniotomy (Stuttgart) and then two more. Subsequently, two other percutaneous procedures with thermolysis without any benefit. I repeatedly begged Prof. Delfino in Turin to solve my adversity. On October 29, 2015, I was subjected to ethanol neurolysis with targeted fluoroscopy under general anesthesia and my life was miraculously changed.”

Prosperino Michele, Germania – operato il 29/10/2015 – Tel. +491749802445

“On 27/4/2013 I had surgery with a craniotomy in Rome for neuralgia of the left trigeminal nerve, without any benefit. On 1/10/2015 I had the procedure in Turin and the selective ethanol neurolysis solved the problem.”

Gomez Virginia, Roma – operata il 01/10/2015 – Tel. 338 6737698

“I had had trigeminal neuralgia since 2011. I had therapy with Targin, Tolep, Aciclovir. Violent attacks followed. On 19/6/2015 I finally resumed living.”

Adele Paletti, Udine – operata il 19/06/2015 – Tel. 333 9094505

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