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The surgical activity of Studio Medico Ugo Delfino takes place in well-proven facilities in the city of Milan at the “La Madonnina” Care Center and the “Unisalus” Private Medical Center. In these practices, patients are able to undergo the selective trigeminal neurolysis with fluoroscopy with the assistance of highly qualified personnel and the use of latest generation technologies.


“La Madonnina” Care Center

La Madonnina care center trigeminal neuralgia

La “La Madonnina” is the most important and exclusive private hospital in Milan.

It is distinguished by the highest level of health care, the collaboration of the best Italian physicians and a unique hotel located in an elegant and comfortable environment.

The preparation of medical and nursing staff meets the highest confidentiality and reliability requirements: maximum attention is paid to patient privacy and personalization of the care path.


“Unisalus” Medical Center

Unisalus medical center trigeminal neuralgia

The mission of the Unisalus Medical Center is to interpret of the need of the patient for a comprehensive care plan that include lifestyle, eating habits, psychological state and socio-economic conditions..

Its service is based on Integrated Therapy (TI), a combined application of a series of preventive, pharmacological, physical, dietary and psychological measures to improve the patient’s psychophysical state and quality of life..

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+39 348 96 89 318 to talk with a specialist
+39 336 204 777
+39 011 46 77 888

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Casa di Cura la Madonnina

Via Quadronno, 29,

20122 Milan, Italy

Find us

Centro Medico Privato Unisalus

Via G. Battista Pirelli, 16/B,

20124 Milan, Italy


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